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How To Make Money on Okfans Without Showing Your Face?

Jun 26, 2022

Can I Make Money on Okfans Without Showing a Face? Yes! You can make money on Okfans without showing face. And a lot of creators have already started and are making money by staying anonymous on Okfans.

When it comes to making money on Okfans without showing face, you need to have great body parts, especially if you are in the adult niche. Because most of the users who are into adult stuff care more about the body parts than the face. You can leverage this particular tactic and start to make money on Okfans without showing face.


How to Stay Anonymous on Okfans?

When you have chosen your niche, the next step is to come up with a stage name for yourself.

Choose a Stage Name for Your Okfans Profile

Choosing a different name for your Okfans profile is a certain way to make sure you remain anonymous. 
Most creators who do not want to show their face or remain anonymous on Okfans (or any other adult subscription platform for that matter) will choose a different stage name. 
When choosing a name for your profile, make sure that it is catchy and that the audience can remember it with ease. Because the last thing you need on your plate is people finding it difficult to discover your profile just because you have a complex name to be remembered or spelled.

Pro Tip: While you change your name to stay anonymous on Okfans, make sure that you submit only the original documents while creating a profile on Okfans because it directly relates to banking procedures and you do not want to miss out on the money you’ve earned. 

Cover/Hide Your Birthmarks, Scars, or Tattoos

The next step you should look into while trying to stay anonymous on Okfans is to hide your birthmarks, scars or tattoos. Because these are critical factors that could reveal your identity to people you might know. 

So, while you post photos and videos on your Okfans profile, make sure to hide your personal identity revealing marks well enough. 

Use the Geo-Blocking Feature of Okfans

This feature is something you should not overlook on Okfans, especially if you want to stay anonymous and make money on Okfans without showing your face. Okfans allows creators to prevent their profile and content from being discovered or appearing in certain regions of the world. Creators can make use of the geo-blocking feature available on Okfans.

You can do this by heading to the main menu:

Go to the “Settings” option
Click on the the “Geo-blocking” option
This way, you can minimize the chances of revealing your identity on Okfans.

Avoid Posting Outdoor Photos

This can be a great turn-off as creators would want to share their surroundings and new places. But remember, this can reveal your location, followed by your identity.  Audiences can easily make out where you are from and this might reveal certain whereabouts. So, when posting photos, or shooting videos, make sure that there are no details about your whereabouts. Also, see that there aren’t any reflective surfaces that would give up the same. 

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