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Live streaming On Okfans

Jun 13, 2022
In this guide, you will learn how you can live stream on Okfans, how to grow your audience and make more money through tips and through locking your live stream for paid viewers.

With Okfans, you can make money in different ways and one of the ways to make money is through live streaming or camming on your page.
Live streaming or camming is an integral part of Okfans creator's income and you could better connect with your audience or fans and give them a reason to continue paying you. Using the live stream feature is simple, and you can easily come live to engage with your fans and make a huge chunk of money. This article will asnwer the most asked question, “Can you Livestream on Okfans? How to Livestream on Okfans?”

How to live stream on Okfans?

Live Streaming on Okfans does not require you to be an expert in using a computer. It is very easy and requires some simple knowlage.

To begin with the live streaming, you have to click on the “Live” button that can be found on the right side under the post composer.
  • After clicking the “Live” button, the Create Live Stream menu will appear,
  • Write a name for your livestream, 
  • You have select three options to choose for your livestream:
    • Available to everyone (Paid) - This option is available for everyone hwo has an account on Okfans. They must pay a price setup by you, before they can acces your livestream.
    • Free for paying subscribers - Livestream is available only for active subscribers
    • Free for everyone - Livestream is available to everyone for free. In all three options users can send you unlimited tips.  
  • Turn on the microphone and the camera. Note: The microphone can be disabled at any live stream stage.
That’s it! Now you only have to click on the start live stream button, and you will be able to live stream on Okfans.

Can You make money on Okfans as a Cam Girl?

As a cam model, you can make money the same way any model or adult content creator makes money on the platform. Okfans gives you an opportunity for camming and you could also upload different types of content on your page. Any adult content creator on Okfans can make money in different ways such as;
  • By running paid subscriptions. Subscription is actually a small part of the earnings for many creators.
  • You can upload your videos as a pay-per-view model and let you make money by automatically sending your videos to all your subscribers and letting them pay for them before they watch them.
  • You can also receive Tips on the content you share on your page as well as through Messages.
  • Custom requested content is the one where creators charge a lot of money. You can decide on a rate between $100 to $400 for a custom requested video and let the fan pay through a Message Tip and you deliver the video to your fan.

Benefits of livestreaming on Okfans?

Live streaming on Okfans is very beneficial for content creators. There are a number of benefits that you can avail yourself of as a content creator through live streaming. Some of the advantages are include:
  • Great source of engaging with your fans, listening to their custom video request or moves, and becoming a better creator.
  • It gives you a chance to share how you spend your day, and it will also keep you mentally fresh because you are already sharing your routine with your fans.
  • The other benefit of live streaming on Okfans is that you can make a lot of money through it. You can make money through live streaming in three ways. One way is getting tips and appreciation from fans. The second way is to charge an entry fee to your subscribers. The third way is charging an entry fee only to the fans who have not subscribed to your Okfans account.
  • Another benefit of live streaming is that you can show your talent in real-time with your fans and subscribers on the platform. You can show what talent you have to your subscribers, and it is a great way of performing. Fans love to see the complete reality of their favorite content creator. Live streaming gives you a chance to present a complete reality of yourself.
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