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Okfans Vs OnlyFans – Which Should You Choose in 2023?

Nov 15, 2022

OnlyFans or Okfans? Want to know which one is the better adult creator platform? This Okfans vs OnlyFans article is all you’re going to need to find out which is the best adult creator platform.

When you hear the name OnlyFans, the first thing that comes to your mind is adult content and earning potential which has been the case for a long time. But today, if you’re reading this Okfans vs OnlyFans, something has changed down the lane.

Either you are not very sure about OnlyFans, or you simply want to explore your options before starting your adult creator venture. We get that you’re considering Okfans as an option. Well, as we said before, this Okfans vs OnlyFans article is everything you’re going to need to figure it out. 

Let’s have a quick overview of these platforms first and then move to the comparison. 

What Is Okfans?

Okfans is an adult creator platform that was found in the year 2017. Okfans is more modern, comes with unique features and is quite popular among creators and fans. In fact, by June 2022, Okfans had 18,000+ creators.

Just like any other subscription creator platform, Okfans has multiple monetization options. The platform is loved by creators & fans, thanks to its ease of use, power-packed features and creator-focused benefits and more. 

From a creator point, you need to be 18+ to become a model on Okfans along with your ID proof. Once done, it’s pretty much a walk in the park. You update your account with the basics and start posting content. 

We’ll see more aspects of Okfans as we proceed. Now, let’s have a quick look at its pros and cons. 

Pros of Okfans

  • Okfans has a great filter search option that helps audiences find creators they might like.
  • The platform comes with a great referral system and affiliate system. 
  • Creators get an edge as Okfans promotes creators on the featured page. 
  • You can migrate all your data from an existing subscription platform to Okfans and quickly start monetizing without starting from scratch. 
  • Benefit from Okfans content removal service. An Okfans dedicated team will help you remove all your leaked content from internet.

Cons of Okfans

There aren’t a lot of cons to Okfans. But if you’d want one, Okfans isn’t as popular as OnlyFans. On the positive side, this means that the competition is minimal. 

So, that’s a quick overview of Okfans. 

What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a popular creator subscription platform founded in the year 2016 by Tim Stokely. 

Honestly, OnlyFans doesn’t need an introduction. It has more than 2 million creators and 188 million fans. 

Though Patreon was invented way before OnlyFans, OnlyFans became rapidly popular because it supported adult content. The platform has multiple monetization ways and supports all kinds of creators. Some popular faces on OnlyFans are Bella Thorne, Amber Rose, Dj Khaled and more. 

The signup process is quite similar to Okfans. An email address with ID proof to confirm you are 18+ and you can get started right away. OnlyFans is safe, secure and power-packed with features. 

Pros of OnlyFans

  • OnlyFans has a huge audience base. It’s not going to be a problem to grow your followers. 
  • OF takes piracy seriously with efforts like making it hard to steal content and adding watermarks to creator content. 
  • Since the user base is high, earning potential is also high. Though earning potential depends on multiple factors, the user base is a factor. 

Cons of OnlyFans

  • OnlyFans comes with a poor referral system and a cap on referral earnings.
  • OF is quite unpredictable for adult creators. The platform came up with an adult content ban and later revoked it due to pushback. 

Those are two key cons of OnlyFans. Now, let’s move to the comparison table. 


Okfans vs OnlyFans – In-Depth Analysis

In this section, we have conducted an in-depth Okfans vs OnlyFans analysis by taking six different aspects of the two platforms. Let’s get started with usability first.

1. Which Platform Is Easy to Use – OnlyFans or Okfans?

Usability and experience can make or break a platform. Let’s see which adult creator platform gives you the best user experience. 

OnlyFans Usability

Though OnlyFans is popular and has a huge creator base, one cannot fail to notice the mediocre website experience, design and lags that appear during the platform usage. 

This helps you get a clear idea about the usability of OnlyFans. Another major drawback of OnlyFans is, one cannot find your profile unless they know your link/name or accidentally land on your profile. So, visibility for new creators is a problem and fans cannot randomly search and find new creators.

Okfans Usability

The platform is clearly a better option in terms of usability when compared to OnlyFans. Okfans is easy to use and a way lot cleaner than OF. 

Fans can easily search for creators on the platform and start following people they like. This gives new creators an edge on the platform – more visibility means an opportunity for new subscribers and better revenue. 

You also get to set up a custom domain name which helps improve your credibility. Okfans is more focused on how to make the platform usage experience a better one for both the creators and fans.

So, the verdict here, Okfans is the better and easier platform to use. 

2. Monetization Methods on Okfans and OnlyFans

How you can make money is one of the deciding factors when choosing a creator platform. Both OnlyFans and Okfans come with more or less the same monetization methods. We’ve listed them here for you. 

OnlyFans Monetization Methods
  • Monthly Subscription Services ($4.99 – $50)
  • Pay Per Message Earnings ($3 – $100)
  • Customer Tipping ($3 – $200)
  • Custom Content Request Earnings
  • Referral Program Earnings
Okfans Monetization Methods
  • Monthly Subscriptions with different tiers and discount options
  • PPV Content Sale (Min. $1 - Max. $100)
  • Pay Per Message Earnings (Min. $1 - Max. $100)
  • Tips from Customers (Min. $1 - Max. $100)
  • Referral & Affiliate Program

Okfans offers all monetization methods OnlyFans offer, so, if you’re someone who wants to give an exclusive sneak into your personal life on social media and monetize it, Okfans has got you covered. 

3. Commission Percentage

Both Okfans and OnlyFans charge a fixed 20% commission on their creator earnings. It’s quite fair based on the features the platform offers its creators. 

Though Okfans offers more features than OnlyFans, it seems they do not want to go overboard with the commission percentage and chose to stay at the 20% border. 

4. Payout Frequency and Payment Gateway Options

When you get paid and how you get paid is an important factor you should look into when choosing an adult creator platform. Frequent payouts and multiple payment gateway options show the credibility of the platform and gives creators the flexibility to get paid the way they prefer.

OnlyFans Payment Frequency and Payment Gateways

When it comes to payment frequency, OnlyFans is just awesome. You can cash out both manually or set up recurring payments (daily, weekly or monthly). As for the payment gateways, OnlyFans says it depends on the creator’s location.

Okfans Payment Frequency and Payment Gateways

Creators on Okfans can start receiving their payments every week. Currently, there’s no way around this. As for payment gateways, Okfans has multiple options but the minimum payout threshold varies depending on the platform. 

  • ACH – $200
  • SEPA – $50
  • Wire – $200
  • Paysera Bank - $10

Here, it should be said that Okfans, goes above and beyond to make the payment process and frequencies comfortable for creators. The option to get their money whenever they please gives a sense of power and adds to great experiences. 

5. Comparison Between the Referral Program

This is a real game changer when it comes to Okfans vs OnlyFans. 

The referral program of OnlyFans doesn’t give you a substantial referral income because you get only a meager 5% commission on referrals. Also, your referral earnings are limited to $50,000 on the platform. This is one of the reasons why you should look for other OnlyFans alternatives. 

Let’s look at the referral program of Okfans now. 

Okfans gives a 5% commission on every referral you make. Unlike OnlyFans, there’s no cap on your referral earnings on Okfans.

Okfans is the clear winner here. 

6. Customer Support & Help

Not all creators know everything about the platform they sign up for. But with good help and a support, there’s nothing one can’t overcome. 


OnlyFans Support & Help

For a platform that has more than 2 million creators and 188 million fans, you cannot expect the support to be blazing fast. OnlyFans is no exception. The support is a bit slow and might take a couple of days to a week for a response. 

But the platform has a couple of self-help articles for creators & fans to help them with trivial queries. 

Okfans Support & Help

Okfans stands as a perfect example of how support should be. Though the user scale is minimum when compared with OnlyFans, since Okfans has laid a solid foundation for support, you can expect the same standard in the future as well. Quick and personalized responses are a thing of Okfans’s support team.

When it comes to support in the Okfans vs OnlyFans faceoff, Okfans clearly has the upper hand. 

So, those are the six factors we pulled out for the Okfans vs OnlyFans faceoff. Here’s something else you need to know. 

How Much Money Can You Make on OnlyFans and Okfans?

The answer to the question of how much money can you make on OnlyFans and Okfans is, well the answer comes down to you. 

Your consistency & creativity play a vital and direct role in how much you can earn from these platforms. Look for the best places to promote OnlyFans and Okfans content. This helps you drive more eyeballs and paves the way to more subscriptions and revenue. 

Despite the unique and fancy features OnlyFans and Okfans give you, how much you earn depends on your followers, strategy, online presence, commitment and consistency. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Okfans Over OnlyFans?

  1. OnlyFans isn’t a dedicated adult creator platform. It supports all other niches which add up to the total number of creators. But Okfans is a dedicated adult creator platform which means the audience is specific. 
  2. In August 2021, OnlyFans announced a ban on adult content within the platform but later pulled it back. So, if you’re an adult niche creator, this could look bad for you. But Okfans is completely an adult niche creator platform so you don’t have to worry about this. 
  3. A huge audience base with different interests means more effort and work. But a targeted audience means more opportunities to build a fan following and income. 
  4. Okfans gives you unlimited earning potential with its referral program. The no cap + 5% commission can be a real BOOM when you make good use of it. 
  5. Okfans is continuously growing and they have chances to try something innovative and new since their user base is in a nascent stage. But a well-established platform like OnlyFans might not try something new. If it backfires, it could affect the platform to a great extent. 

Those above are all the reasons why we think Okfans is a better option when compared to OnlyFans.

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