Creator Questions

What is Okfans?

Okfans is a platform that provides content creators, artists, professionals and amateurs with all the necessary tools to be able to monetize their content and earn money from their exclusive content content.

How to make money with Okfans?

With Okfans you can earn money by selling your exclusive content such as: photos, videos, music or files.

How much do I earn from my sales?

You will earn 80% of all your sales and Okfans will only keep 20% commission for providing services.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw your money whenever you want by making the request through the corresponding form within your account settings. The minimum amount for withdrawal is:
  • $50 - Bank Transfer SEPA (EU Banks)
  • $200 - Wire Transfer or ACH
  • $10 - Paysera Bank

How to verify my identity to become a creator on Okfans?

To become a creator on Okfans, you must first verify your identity. Before you can submit the creator application, first your must customize your profile, including: profile picture, cover image and your date of birth. After you have customized your profile go the Main Menu > Become a Creator and submit your correct personal information & your ID, passport or drivings license.


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