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How To Start An Okfans Without Followers

Jun 28, 2022
In this guide, we will cover how to open and verify an account, what to post, how to get paid, and how to promote your account without any followers on social media. Okfans is a platform for creating subscription-based fan pages. Let's find out how Okfans works and looks.
  • Content Creators upload content on Okfans.
  • Fans pay money to get access to this content.
Okfans takes care all the technical part and processing of payments, so you can concentrate only on creating unique content for your fans.

How Okfans works

On Okfans you can sell almost whatever you want – from recipes and training videos to nudes and feet pics.

How Creators can use Okfans?

First of all, you need to open an Okfans account (it's free) and decide how she will monetize – with a free subscription or paid one.

What is the difference?

  • Paid subscription. You can set up the price for monthly access to your account. It will make all content inside your account available without restrictions for paid subscribers.
  • Free subscription. Everyone can subscribe to your Okfans account for free. But you can make some of the content inside paid.

Which one to choose?

You can change the price for a subscription to your account at any time. So don't worry if you can't decide now, just use whatever looks more appropriate to you. Let's asume you decided to put a monthly price for your profile. What is the next step? We need to understand the ways of making money at Okfans.

How to make money on Okfans?



You decide the price for the subscription to your account, starting from $5.00 up to $50.00. You receive 80% of what the user pays, 20% is taken by Okfans. If you want to make a free subscription for your page, select "Free Subscription" from your profile.
You can manage the subscription for your page at "My profile → Edit Profile → Subscription Price". The main page of subscription settings. In the field "Price per month" you can specify the price for a subscription to your profile.

Pay-Per-View - How does it work?

One of the most powerful features which can bring a lot of money – it's selling content pay-per-view. You can make a paid post at your Okfans feed only if you have a free subscription. In private messages, you can send PPV content with any type of subscription.

Selling in Messages is a great tool, if used properly, you can double your income. Content creators can send mass private messages to all subscribers at once. You can use PPV for selling specific custom content for separate users or send something "hot" to all subscribed users.


Tips on Okfans are a great source of additional income without additional effort.
Subscribers can tip creators from many places:
  • Tip any post you create.
  • Send you a message with an attached tip to it.
  • Use a "Send a Tip" button on the profile page.
Be sure to say "Thank you" to every tip you receive. Building a personal relationship with your subscribers – the most important part of success at Okfans.

Custom Content Or Requests

When we talk about how Pey-Per-View works, we mentioned that you can use it for sending customs in messages.
"Customs at Okfans" means that you create something unique for an individual subscriber per request, and then send it like PPV with a price in a private message. Sure, it takes more time to create such content, but the price per item could be higher.

How much can you make on Okfans?

Running OF as a creator – it is the same as running a business. There can't be any guarantees about how much can you make.
It depends on the quality and quantity of your content on one hand and promotion on another. It typically takes 1-2 months to get from $0 to $1K of recurring income. Sometimes creators can reasch thousands in the first few days.

Should you start an Okfans?

The goal of this article is to help you to cut the corner from the idea of starting an Okfans to first paid subscribers.
But before you start an account we need to be sure if Okfans is right for you?

If you want to be an adult content creator and make content, you don't need professional equipment to start, most creators use their phones to create photos and videos.
You are OK with being exposed. Okfans takes it very seriously the security and leaked content of our content creators. But anyway it is possible that some of your content can go viral or leak on the internet. Be sure that you are doing something that you are comfortable with. You can always work at Okfans without showing your face. Give it a try, and if you feel that you want to stop you can delete your Okfans account at any time.

How to start an Okfans?

So, you decided to start an Okfans? The whole process can be divided into three steps:
  1. Account. You need to open, prepare and verify your account.
  2. Content. Create and upload content.
  3. Promote. Find potential subscribers who are interested in your content.


Creating an Okfans account is easy and takes only a few minutes.
To get started all you need to enter is:
  • Email
  • Password
  • Name (Later you can set up a different name or stage name)
After you have signed up, the next step is customzing your profile with:
Cover image, Profile photo, a unique Username (your Okfans page will contain this username: example -, display name or stage name (it can be the same as your username) and a profile Bio to Introduce yourself and seduce potential subscribers.
Additionally, you can add your location, website and your social links. After you are done with profile photos and bio you can proceed to verification.

How to get verified on Okfans?

To become a creator on Okfans and make money from your content, you need to verify your identity. You must be 18 years old to create an account on Okfans. After you have created you account and customized your profile, now it's time to submit your creator application. From the main menu, go to "Become A Creator" and follow the instructions.
You will need to upload a photo of the documents (international passport, id card, or driver's license) and take a photo of your face. Photos must be of high quality, and the text on the documents must be readable. You can upload photos from your computer or take them directly from your phone camera. It is more convenient to take such photos from the phone because the quality is much better. Documents and personal data are not publicly visible anywhere. It is highly recommend submitting your Instagram and Twitter. It won't be publicly visible, only moderators will see it. Your social accounts will help moderators to prove that you are a real person.

After uploading the photo, the account is sent for verification, you should wait 1-3 hours until one of the moderators reviews your account. If you do not pass verification the first time, this is not a problem – you can apply again. If you've applied multiple times and you are still having problems, contact Okfans via email and they will help.

What to post on Okfans?

On Okfans you can post any of the following types of media:

Add media. Choose a photo, video, or audio from your computer.
Record video. You can record video directly from your browser.
FIles. You can upload .zip files and share them for free or locked.

The process of creating a post and creating a message is the same. What to post depends on your concept. Some creators concentrate on specific themes – feet, booty, cosplays, etc.
If you have social media check which posts got the most likes. Ask your subscribers what they want to see, check other creators and see what they are creating and what content is getting most likes and comments. 

How to promote an Okfans account?

The main idea of promotion is to find a place where your potential audience is already getting their content and give them a small bite of your content and then invite them to your Okfans account.

There are two ways you can promote your profile:
  • With social media.
  • Without social media.

How to promote Okfans with social media?

You create accounts on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Create relevant content for each site and promote your Okfans page.

Don't post explicit content. Instagram and TikTok or YouTube, as they can block you.
Use Twitter to share more explicit content.
Optimize your work on the content so that you can make content for everything at the same time. Less explicit – for social networks, more – for Okfans.

Social media is a great channel of free traffic for you Okfans. You can monetize your social media subscribers through the Okfans funnel.

For example – you share on your free social media your free Okfans page, then you sell them PPV content or invite them to paid Okfans account. We will explore how the Okfans funnel works on a real example.

How to promote Okfans without social media followers?

If you have no social media followers it is not a big deal. It is ok to create brand new social media accounts, we don't need millions of subscribers on our TikTok or Instagram. Social media has great algorithms and can show our content to our potential audience, so I advise you not to skip this channel of traffic.

How to withdraw money from Okfans?

After you receive your first money it's important to understand how to get paid. Okfans offers these payout options:
  1. Bank Transfer - Supports ACH for US and SEPA for EU
You can get your money after you have reached the minimum thresholds:
  • $200 - For Bank Transfer
  • $10   - Paysera Bank
With your request, the money is transferred to your bank account. On your bank statement, you will see that you receive money from "AA ENTERTAINMENT LTD" not "Okfans".

Join NOW and start making money from your content.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.
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